Birth injury

Birth injury

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The time when child is supposed to come into the world is the special moment for every parent. But sometimes problems during a child birth may occur that can cause great emotional distress to the parents and baby can be hurt during a delivery. Those injuries may be indefinite, affecting a child’s development for years or till the rest of his life. In these situations, parent will be obligated to pay special care or recovery that was sudden and unexpected. For those parents who don’t have financial means to pay addition care, the only solution would be lawsuit for medical malpractice.


When filing for this type of the lawsuit it would be wise to make difference between birth injury and birth defect. Birth injury is something that happened during a delivery process and doctors and nurses didn’t take right actions to prevent that and they should take full responsibility. On the other hand, birth defect is something that cannot be prevented and in this case, the doctor could have done everything in his power, but the result will have been the same. 7% of the babies in U.S is born with birth defect and they can be from small ones up to very difficult conditions. Birth defects usually form during the pregnancy and they can have various causes.  Check Chicago Wrongful death attorney page and search for help.

Examples for wrong care of pregnant women may be when doctor prescribes some aggressive drug that has harmful influence on the baby, or when he misdiagnoses the situation that can occur during a delivery. If gynecologist doesn’t order a test that can prove gestational diabetes, he can be responsible for the injuries that later occurred during a child birth. Or if doctor doesn’t diagnose genital herpes that caused later injuries to the baby.  In these and many other cases, mother or father may be in position for file lawsuit for medical malpractice.

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